In boxing, the refs say, “Protect yourself at all times.”  In writing, it’s the reverse –“Expose yourself, reveal yourself, at all times.”

Go to where the pain is.  Talent ain’t nothing.  Love is.  Suffering means plenty.  All serious art is conceived in suffering, born from suffering, grows through suffering, comes to terms with suffering, and transcends suffering.  All serious art is suffering couched in beauteous terms. So search yourself.  Don’t fear to dive into the depth of your own neurosis, for down deep in the subconscious lies a gold mine of poetic experience, and through your struggle to make manifest your own anxiety in the objective terms of the imagination, to communicate it to another person, any reader, you will come to an understanding of it, realize how your personal suffering has universal value, and discover how to mold its torturous shapes into beautiful forms which capture the life force, the transcendent spirit, enrich the human experience and help create a better world for yourself as well as for others

That’s what this corner of cyberspace will be about.  Ruminations on life, literature, craft, and a world where it’s set up that everybody’s gotta murder, on some level, to survive.  Everything that’s beautiful is sad because it’s going to be gone soon.  But here, in the most abstract binary dance the human mind could conceive, we’ll celebrate the beautiful for awhile. . .

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PHOTO CREDIT: Santa Cruz Sentinel